Italy Major
Results: Round of 64 from Premier Padel Italy Major Today the Main Round started in Rome.
APT Padel Tour Dal Bianco and Arce crowned in Seville
APT Padel Tour Borrero and Alonso champions of the Sevilla Master
World Padel Tour After the reunion — Capra and Sanchez beat the world number ones
World Padel Tour To their first semi-final of the season — Josemaria and Sanchez elimin...
Lucia Sainz to Padel Alto: ”The most crucial moment in the history of padel, especially women's padel” On her tough start to the season, her commitment to a new brand, and the role as the highest representative of women's padel.
Alvaro Cepero to Padel Alto: ”They are liars” Alvaro Cepero is highly critical of the players on the tour.