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Misspelled Premier Padel web address went to the WPT site: ”Didn´t know about it”

A strange situation has arisen between the two competing tours currently in conflict: the World Padel Tour and the Premier Padel. A misspelled Premier Padel web address will take you to the WPT Challenger page. 

”I have no idea why it is like that," writes World Padel Tour's Head of Communication Enrique Marques in a text message to Padel Alto's sister site PadelDirekt. 

By typing in, a misspelling of the new Premier Padel tour, you ended up on the World Padel Tour's Challenger page. When PadelDirekt brought this to the attention of the World Padel Tour, the site was shut down on Wednesday evening. 

But Padel Alto's reporters tried on Monday and Tuesday, and the address went to the World Padel Tour's Challenger page. 

"I didn't know about it. WPT Challenger is sublicensed to the Ultimate Padel Company (UPC)", Enrique Marques writes in a text message. 

Premier Padel's official website has not been launched yet but is in the process of being launched. Until then, all the information about the tour is available on the International Padel Federation's website 

Last Friday, the World Padel Tour sued FIP, QSI, and the men's association. The parties involved do not wish to make any comment on the situation.

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