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Gemma Triay after the breakup: "I hope we can talk about it like adults"


In early August, Gemma Triay announced her breakup with Alejandra Salazar. The breakup caused a lot of drama from both sides. Now Triay is speaking out about the breakup to the Spanish newspaper Mundo Derpotivo. 

Gemma Triay and Alejandra Salazar separated after a long partnership together. Last year, they made history by winning twelve titles.

Gemma Triay announced that she would continue her partnership with Marta Ortega for the upcoming autumn season.

Alejandra Salazar chose to share her thoughts on the separation on Instagram:

— I believe this partnership deserved a different farewell, concluding their chapter on the court and striving for the top, as we have always done.

Gemma Triay then explained the decision to the Spanish newspaper Marca.

— I took this decision because it affected me personally too much to be able to perform on the court. 

“Talk about it as adults”

Gemma Triay is now speaking out about the incident to the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo:

— I don't consider myself spiteful, and I want to be on good terms with everyone. I think that at some point, Ale and I will have a conversation, and I hope it will end well. We experienced it differently, and I needed to finish a scene.

She continues:

— I had to make a decision. I don't want to go back, and even if our relationship as a padel couple is over, I hope we can talk about it as adults and normalize it.

The separation and the players' statements resulted in a massive debate on social media. Gemma Triay says she doesn't want to bring up the past and understands the respect for Salazar.

— I don't want to go into whether people have been fair or not, honestly. It is challenging, and I don't think it is worth bringing up the past so that people can give their opinions most objectively. I had my reasons, and I understand that Ale is a historical player who is very much loved, and it seems logical to me that she should be defended. 

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