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Triay responds after Salazar's statements: "Things between us weren't right"


Spanish player Gemma Triay has spoken to the Spanish newspaper Marca following Alejandra Salazar's remarks. 
"I decided to end the project with Alejandra due to our personal relationship," she said. 

The split between Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay continues to make waves. Following Alejandra's interview with the Spanish newspaper Marca, Gemma has decided to respond, offering her version of events. 

"It has been difficult for me to end it this way because I always envisioned a different outcome. I made this decision because it was affecting me personally too much to perform on the court," commented the Spanish player. 

Personal Reasons 

Triay clarified that the reasons for her split with Ale Salazar had nothing to do with the sport. The player from Menorca revealed that problems in their partnership had been brewing for a while, dating back to mid-2022 when things were not going well for the 'TriAzar' team.

"Things between us weren't right since the middle of last year, right when we had that significant drop, and we said many things to each other that affected us and hurt us personally. That's why I wanted to have a real talk with her to see if we could reverse all of that and start anew." 

Although Gemma believed the Triay/Salazar relationship was strained, she was unable to communicate this to Alejandra during the meeting that both players had after the Premier Padel de Madrid tournament. 

"I messaged her on Saturday during the Madrid P1 to talk to her. I sat down with her, and I couldn't bring myself to say, 'Look, Ale, let me give you an answer after Malaga.' In that moment, she was right in front of me, and considering everything we had been through, I had doubts and couldn't do it. I told her, 'Yes, let's continue.' Then on Monday, I went to train with Marta (Ortega), and after finishing, I told her that I was thinking a lot and had decided to continue with Ale." 

Change of Heart 

However, Gemma felt uneasy about the decision she had made, and after the Open de Málaga, she decided to hold a video call meeting with Salazar and the team psychologist to inform them that she had changed her mind. 

"On Tuesday afternoon, the three of us (Triay, Salazar, and the Psychologist) had a video call, and I told them that I wasn't comfortable with the decision, that it wasn't right, and I wasn't happy. I believed that leaving behind all the past wasn't easy. I preferred not to drag it out and make things worse. It wasn't a pleasant meeting for anyone, and it was very emotional, but we didn't argue or disrespect each other. Right after it ended, within half an hour, I called Marta (Ortega) to tell her that I was sticking with her."

Triay emphasizes in the interview that the reasons for the separation have nothing to do with Salazar's injury, and she wishes her the best in her recovery. 

"What hurts me the most is that it has been suggested that the split is because of her injury, and Ale knows that's not the case. I have no doubt that she'll come back strong, I know her perfectly well, and I've always said that she's exceptional. I know that her capacity to endure is unmatched by very few, and I truly hope she comes back in great form because I wish her all the best."

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