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Salazar speaks out following split: "We had agreed to stay together"


Following the announcement of the separation between Gemma Triay and Alejandra Salazar, the Madrid native gave an interview to the Spanish newspaper Marca, revealing how she received the decision of her now-former partner.

Gemma Triay's choice to part ways with Alejandra Salazar caught the padel world, including Salazar herself, by surprise. In an interview with the Spanish publication Marca, Salazar opened up for the first time about how she learned the news.

Unexpected news

Triay's decision to leave Salazar stunned not only due to the decision itself, but also because of the timing chosen by Triay for the split, as Alejandra is currently in the final stages of recovering from surgery on her right elbow.

"I discussed it with Gemma, and she told me that she had started the year with me, that she wanted to finish it by my side, and that we would see about 2024. But the idea was for 'TriAzar' to continue," she said.

While the notion of continuing the Salazar-Triay partnership persisted after the Madrid Premier Padel, Gemma changed her mind following the WPT Málaga.

"After Madrid, we met here, assessed everything that was going on, and agreed to stay together. After the Málaga event, we were planning to spend a few days away and then resume training, focusing on Finland. However, in the week leading up to our vacation, she called me and said she was very sorry but that she would be partnering with Marta (Ortega)."

"Wanted to Give My Best to the Team Again"

Triay's decision came as a shock to Ale Salazar, who had put all her hopes into finishing the year with the 'TriAzar' team on a high note.

"I wanted to give my best to the team again, but I'm disappointed that I can't continue to prove that we could end the year together and that my elbow was doing well. I would be the first to step aside if I saw that things weren't going well or if my elbow continued to bother me, preventing me from delivering an acceptable performance on the court. I'm left with that unfinished business..."

She continues:

"The project deserved to finish by returning to the court and giving our best once more, aiming for the highest. It was my dream."

Return at the WPT Finland Open

Alejandra Salazar will make her comeback on the padel court at the WPT Open in Finland, scheduled for late August, with a new partner. Though she has yet to reveal her new teammate's name.

"I am assembling the team, and I can't disclose the name yet, but I can say that I'm seeking someone who is highly committed, shares the joy I have, and enjoys playing on the court."


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