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WPT tournament director attacks the number one: ”They invent injuries”


Many players, including Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan, have withdrawn from the World Padel Tour's tournament in La Rioja, Argentina. 
WPT organizer Lisandro Borges is speaking out to Padel Alto, accusing the players of faking injuries. 

During the day, Padel Alto has reported on several couples not showing up for the World Padel Tour's second tournament of the year in La Rioja, Argentina. 

Seven qualified teams on the men's side have been forced to withdraw. Among them are Juan Lebron/Alejandro Galan, Coki Nieto/Pablo Lima and Mike Yanguas/Alejandro Arroyo. 

Now World Padel Tour's local organizer and tournament director in South America, Lisandro Borges, has chosen to speak to Padel Alto. He attacks the players and accuses them of having made everything up.

— A few days ago in Doha, Galan and Bela asked the players to invent injuries to not participate in the tournament, Borges says to Alto. 

He continues: 

— Arroyo, Yanguas, and Lima agreed. The rest did not, he says. 

Lisandro Borges is the organizer of the World Padel Tour competitions in La Rioja, but also the upcoming competitions, Chile Padel Open and Paraguay Padel Open.

”The tournament doesn't need them.”

Alto: Will these players play in Chile and Paraguay? 

— I don´t know. I prefer not, Borges says to the site. 

— In Chile and Paraguay, 120 players will play. If they don´t want to come, that´s their problem. The tournament doesn't need them. 

According to Alejandro Galan, he withdraws from the La Rioja Open due to injury. 

”Unfortunately, I cannot attend the tournament in La Rioja due to medical leave. It makes me very angry not to be able to enjoy the warmth of the Argentine fans, of whom I have such good memories. But health comes first. I hope to be back soon,” the player wrote earlier today on his Instagram.

Alejandro Arroyo has also communicated that he is injured and is withdrawing from the entire South American tour. 

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