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Ari Sanchez: ”I could have made the change before”


After a bittersweet 2022, Ariana Sanchez analyzed the past season, the possibility of the girls participating in Premier Padel, and her change of coach in an interview with La Vibora del Padel.
— Maybe Angel is not as well known as other coaches, but he has surprised me a lot, she said.

Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria had a spectacular 2022 season. The pair reached the top of the ranking, although they finally lost the world number one in the last match of the year at the Barcelona Master Final, against Gemma Triay and Ale Salazar.

After the disappointment of not finishing the year as the number one couple in the world, rumors of separation between Ari and Paula arrived.

— Although we are very different, Paula is the best partner I can have. Last year we were the most regular couple on the circuit, and I learned to appreciate what we are achieving. During the year, you only think about winning and you forget to enjoy the journey, Ari told La Vibora Del Padel.

“I could have made the change before."

At the end of December, it came as a surprise that coach Miguel Sciorilli had decided to leave Ari Sanchez after more than five years together.

After the separation, Sanchez decided to choose Angel Gonzalez as a coach, who, although he does not have the experience of Sciorilli, had just done a great job with Barbara Las Heras and Vero Virseda last year.

- Maybe Angel is not as well known as other coaches, but he has surprised me a lot. He is a great person and a great professional; he dedicates a lot of time to me and is a hard worker. He has a great illusion of working with me. I think I could have made the change before. I am very happy.

"The future of padel should be with a single circuit."

With a World Padel Tour calendar packed with tournaments and the possibility for the girls to join Premier Padel, 2023 will be an extremely demanding year. 

For Ari Sanchez, this season will be a transition season, and from 2024 we will only see one circuit in which players can choose which tournaments to play.

— It will be a long season, and I hope we play both circuits so that it will be even longer. It's not good for the player to have many tournaments, but this is a transition year. Next year, unified or not, it will be a single circuit.

And she continues:

— The future of padel should be open or with a single circuit, and each player can manage his calendar and choose which tournaments to play. I believe that next year it will be like that.

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