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Ari Sanchez separates from her coach after five years together


Miguel Sciorilli and Ariana Sanchez have gone their separate ways. The player and coach have been together since 2017, more than five years ago.

Spanish player Ariana Sanchez, current world number three, will no longer have Miguel Sciorilli on the sidelines from next season. It was the Argentinean coach who made the decision, leaving Sanchez after five years together.

"It has not been easy for me to make this decision, but I think it is the most convenient... I leave with the peace of mind of having given everything for this project, for making an effort every day on and off the track with her and with the rest of the team,” Sciorilli announced through his social networks.

Miguel, who also coaches Belasteguin, started coaching Ariana in 2017, accompanying her during her last two stages alongside Alejandra Salazar and Paula Josemaria. 

"Thank you very much Miguel for your work and dedication during these 5 years. If I've got this far, it's also because I've relied on great professionals and you are one of them," wrote the Catalan player on her Instagram.

The player has not yet announced who will be her new coach.

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