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Blames the FIP president for the cancellation of the APT tournament ”Negative pressure from Carraro”


There is an open conflict between the World Padel Tour and the International Padel Federation (FIP)/Premier Padel. In an interview with French Padel Magazine, APT strongman Fabrice Pastor is now harshly criticizing the FIP, claiming that they are responsible for the sport's likely absence from the 2028 Olympics. 

— The FIP, by its extreme attitude to want to be permanently exclusive, destroys our chances of being an Olympic sport in 2028, says Fabrice Pastor in an interview with Padel Magazine. 

APT's Fabrice Pastor has been in the shadow of the open conflict that has erupted over the past year between the World Padel Tour and FIP/Premier Padel, as well as the men's players association (PPA) that sided with FIP and Premier Padel in the conflict. 

Recently, APT's former Tournament Director Thomas Johansson was out in the media, leveling harsh criticism at how things are handled by the most powerful people in the sport. 

Now Pastor himself is doing the same. And he's doing it against FIP and their president, Luigi Carraro. 

— Instead of playing its role of trying to organize and unify the different circuits, it divides the players. I believe that we need unity in our sport. I keep saying it, he says. 

One ranking system

— We need at least a unified ranking to make it easier for all players to choose which tournaments to play. Let's put ourselves in the shoes of the players and organizers for a second and imagine the complexity of all this: which tournaments, which circuits, which points.

The FIP's will is for the sport to be part of the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, something that Fabrice Pastor dismisses. 

— Our sport is booming. I think it is mature to be part of the Olympic family, but not in such an unstable and unhealthy environment. What a shame and waste of time!

The problem, according to Pastor, is that FIP controls the new world circuit, Premier Padel, which is backed by Qatar Sports Investment. 

— Today, the President of the FIP (Luigi Carraro) works for Premier Padel. 

He continues: 

— It is unfortunate to see our international federation doing business on the backs of fans, clubs, organizers, and its members. It should represent all of us and promote all the circuits. 

”Canceled in Italy due to negative pressure”

Recently, the APT tour has canceled many competitions. Including the one that was to be played in Turin, Italy. A reason is due to the president Luigi Carraro, according to Pastor. 

— Our APT Padel Tour tournaments are canceled in Italy due to negative pressure from Luigi Carraro and the Italian Tennis Federation.

Padel Alto has been in contact with Luigi Carraro. He doesn't want to comment on Fabrice Pastor's allegations. 

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