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Former APT manager on the current conflict in padel: ”It's a very childish level”

Thomas Johansson recently resigned from his job as General Manager of the APT Padel Tour.
Now he speaks out about the behavior of the most powerful padel people in the world.
— Ego in sports is good. Ego in business is deadly, says Johansson in an interview made by the Swedish podcast Mr. Padel.

The former Swedish tennis star has been the driving force behind the APT Padel Tour for almost two years. Having done his last day of work for the organization at the beginning of July, Thomas Johansson is taking the rest of the month off.

He was also taking the opportunity to visit one of Sweden's padel podcasts where, among other things, he talks about how things work at the top level on the top level among the circuits and the conflict that exists. Swedish site PadelDirekt was the first to write about his participation.  

— It's very childish level sometimes with some people, Johansson says. 

He continues: 

— It's at such a low level that it will take two or three years before there is - if there ever is - order in it, says Thomas Johansson in the padel podcast Mr. Padel. 

He has been in talks with the WPT and Luigi Carraro, the president of FIP who created Premier Padel backed by the men´s players and Qatar Sports Investment. Johansson believes that the top people in padel cannot look beyond their own interests, leading to bad decisions for the future of the sport.

— Ego in sport is good. Ego in business is deadly, he concludes.

Here you can listen to the interview (in Swedish). 

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