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Top Duo Splits: "Time to Bid Farewell"


More splits appear in the women's world circuit.The sixth-ranked pair on the World Padel Tour standings has confirmed their separation through social media.

Lucía Sainz (16) and Aranza Osoro (10) joined forces at the start of the year. The duo participated in 18 tournaments, with their best showing being a semifinal berth.

However, after eight months of collaboration, the players are now heading in different directions:

"The moment has come to bid farewell to this venture that we embarked upon with great enthusiasm. I will cherish numerous moments, both professional and personal. Getting to know 'La Vikinga' and her entire team has been a pleasure. You all have my best wishes. Thank you to everyone who supported us on this journey," wrote Lucía Sainz on Instagram yesterday.

Aranza Osoro also shared the news on her social media:

"This marks the end of a chapter where I learned a lot – to bounce back and feel competitive, to have an unwaveringly supportive team, and most importantly, I take away the fact that I've met two incredible individuals. But sometimes, results don't align with the vision, commitment, and hard work of the entire team."

The Growing Trend of Breakups

The split between Osoro and Sainz adds to a growing list of pairs that have decided to conclude their sporting partnership heading into the latter half of the season.

The resonating breakup of Gemma Triay and Alejandra Salazar announced yesterday is joined by the separations of Jessica Castelló and Sofía Araujo, as well as Carolina Orsi and Patty Llaguno.

As of now, none of the players have unveiled their new partners, but it's likely that we'll witness more changes before the competition resumes. The World Padel Tour is taking a break and will return in late August in Finland.


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