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Confirmed: Triay and Salazar part ways: "We both gave 100% until the end"


One of the most iconic pairs in padel history, Gemma Triay and Alejandra Salazar, has come to an end. Triay confirmed it on her social media.

Earlier in the day, reports indicated that Triay and Salazar would be ending their partnership. Now, Gemma Triay herself has confirmed the separation of the duo on her social media:

"We came together to form a unique partnership, with our own style. We are two players with character, competitiveness, and ambition, always striving to innovate in order to achieve our goals. I am very proud of everything I have accomplished by your side, Ale," wrote the former world number one on Instagram, adding:

"I've always told you and will always tell you: 'You're one of a kind.' Today, after careful consideration, #TriaZar says goodbye. I definitely want to bid farewell with a smile, knowing that we both gave 100% until the end."

The pair has dominated the women's circuit in recent years, achieving incredible results. Last year, they made history with their twelve won titles.

More partnership break-ups 

The split between Triay and Salazar will lead to a series of partner changes in the women's circuit for the second half of the season. It has already been confirmed that pairs like Jessica Castelló and Sofía Araujo, or Carolina Orsi and Patty Llaguno, have come to an end.

So far, none of the players have revealed their new partners, but we will likely see many new duos debuting after the summer break. The World Padel Tour takes a pause and will return at the end of August in Finland.

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