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BREAKING: The talent back faster than expected — playing with Yanguas


Alejandro Arroyo would miss the entire South American WPT Tour. But now Mike Yanguas confirms to Padel Alto that the pair will play the Paraguay Open together. 

Before the La Rioja Open in Argentina, news broke that Spanish talent Alejandro Arroyo will miss the entire South American WPT tour they are currently on.

But now Padel Alto can reveal that Arroyo is back on the court sooner than expected. His partner, Mike Yanguas, confirms that he and Arroyo will play together already in the Paraguay Open that starts on March 21st.

Mike Yanguas missed the La Rioja Open but chose to pair up with successful talent Leo Augsburger for the Chile Open. Augsburger went to a sensational final with Tino Libaak in the La Rioja Open. But the pair failed to qualify for the Chile Padel Open. However, WPT rules state that the loser of the last qualifying match can be paired with someone already qualified if their partner is unavailable. 

In the first match, Javi Ruiz and Gonzalo Rubio await the pair in Paraguay. 

With a win, the team has a good draw for the quarter-finals, as Fernando Belasteguin and Sanyo Gutierrez will not be playing. Swede Simon Vasquez is making his first Main Round appearance with Spaniard Jaime Menendez and will be waiting in a possible round of 16. 

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