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Dramatic start to the final — VAR check decided the first set


The final of the La Rioja Open between Marta Ortega/Bea Gonzalez and Gemma Triay/Alejandra Salazar is underway. The first set was decided in a tiebreak in the closest possible way.

On set point for Ortega and Gonzalez, Gonzalez had a lob that seemed too far. The referee awarded the ball, and Triay and Salazar stopped playing.

But Gonzalez took advantage of having a VAR check left, and she didn't regret it. The ball was in after the check, and the set was theirs. Otherwise, it was a first set where neither team broke the other's serve. 

Gemma Triay and Ale Salazar won the final. Read more about the match here. 

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