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Virseda to Padel Alto: "Varlion wants to extend my contract outside the law"


After the controversy unleashed between Veronica Virseda and the brand that sponsored her, Varlion, the player, spoke to Padel Alto, giving her version.
— Unilaterally and outside the legality, VARLION pretends to extend the contract, says the player.

A few days ago, the number 13th player of the WPT ranking and revelation of 2022, Veronica Virseda, announced through her social networks that her commercial relationship with Varlion -the brand that sponsored her for two years- was coming to an end.

After the publication, Varlion issued an official statement, clarifying that Virseda was still a player of the brand and that she was under contract until December 2023, urging the player to respect her contract.

The Spanish star speaks out on Padel Alto, giving her side of the story.

— What happened is that my contract with Varlion ended on 31-12-2022 and unilaterally and out of legality VARLION pretended to extend the contract one more year without my consent, says Virseda.

"Will be resolved in court"

The brand insists it has "priority to continue the relationship" and "options of first refusal and withdrawal." For Virseda, this does not correspond to reality either.

— It is also not real because (Varlion) did not exercise it in a timely manner.

The Spanish player says she does not know why the company behaves this way after two years of a relationship.

— I don't know why they act this way. But this matter is being handled by my lawyers so that any issues will be resolved in court.

Virseda would already have signed a new sponsor, which will be announced in the next few days.

— I will shortly announce my new brand for the next three years, she said to Padel Alto.

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