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Controversy between Virseda and Varlion after the split: ”Has a contract”


Last weekend it was announced that Veronica Virseda is leaving Varlion after two years. Now the brand responds, claiming that the player is still under contract. 

Veronica Virseda has had a remarkable season together with Barbara Las Heras. Last weekend, the star announced that she is leaving her racket sponsor Varlion after two years together. But the break-up has not been without conflict.

Following the announcement, Varlion has sent out a press release in which the brand claims that Virseda has a contract until 31 December 2023 and accuses the player of breach of contract.

The press release states:

"The professional player Verónica Virseda Sánchez has a contract with the brand until 31/12/2023, in addition to priority to continue such relationship and options of first refusal and retraction.”

They continue: 

”Verónica Virseda is up to date with this contract, and the only way to terminate it unilaterally is by paying her termination clause, something that has not occurred to date.”

Not the first time 

It is not the first time Varlion has been involved in a similar conflict with their players. A similar situation with Leo Augsburger surfaced just a few months ago when the player chose to leave Varlion to sign for Nox. 

”Varlion will continue to fulfill the current contract as it has been doing, exercising our rights as the exclusive sponsor of sports equipment and fulfilling our obligations. As has already been communicated to the player, the moment she breaches her contract, the appropriate legal measures will be taken to demand the fulfillment of the contract”, writes the company. 

Veronica Virseda has not yet announced which brand she will play with in 2023. 

Padel Alto is seeking Veronica Virseda for a comment. 

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