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After the outburst about Garrido in Padel Alto: ”Shouldn't have done the interview”


The day after Javi Garrido left him, Lucas Campagnolo gave his version of the situation in Padel Alto. In an interview with Argentinean Olé, the Brazilian says he regrets the interview. 
— I'm a hot-headed person, and I don't measure my words very much, says ”Campa.”

Javi Garrido left Lucas Campagnolo mid-season. Something that prompted a disappointed ”Campa” to tell Padel Alto his version of the incident in an interview that spread quickly. 

I asked Javi, and he swore there was nothing, looking me in the eyes, he said in the interview with Padel Alto.

He also told how he found out that Garrido had decided to leave Lucas Campagnolo to play with Federico Chingotto.

— I found out from a third part on Wednesday while having breakfast.

Regret his words

Now Campagnolo regrets the words against his former partner. In an interview with Olé, he says he talked for Padel Alto too soon after the incident. 

— What happened with Javi (Garrido) was in the heat of the moment. I don't think I should have done the interview I did the day after everything happened. I'm a hot-headed person, and I don't measure my words very much, so I always say what I think. I can't have it undone, so it was up to me to accept it, ”Campa” says to the newspaper. 

Lucas Campagnolo had to switch to his old position on the forehand and continue the season with Jon Sanz. But when the break came, he and Garrido had already signed up for the Buenos Aires Masters as a pair.

And by then, according to Campagnolo, the problems between him and Garrido were already resolved. 

Good relationship today

— It was bad at the beginning. Javi is a good guy who will be one of the best in the world, and I didn't want to generate a stiff, loaded, and heavy atmosphere. It would not be me. I wrote him to meet and talk about it personally, but we couldn't get together due to travel, commitments, and training. So I sent him a message: "Before I see you in a tournament, I have to tell you a couple of things...". And he answered me very well. Then we played in Buenos Aires, and we hugged and thanked each other when it was over. Today I can tell you that everything was fine.

Next year Campagnolo will be back on the forehand side with Maxi Sanchez. Javi Garrido continues to play with Federico Chingotto. 

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