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Campagnolo rages after the switch — to Padel Alto: ”Found out about it from a third part at breakfast”


Last Thursday, they were entered together for Egypt's Premier Padel. But on Friday, the bombshell came: Javi Garrido and Federico Chingotto are a new couple. Now Garrido's current partner, Lucas Campagnolo, speaks out exclusively to Padel Alto.
— I found out from a third part on Wednesday while having breakfast, Campa says. 

After the breakup between Fede Chingotto and Juan Tello, the announcement of Tello's union with Paquito Navarro came, but it was not clear with whom the "Super Mouse" of Olavarría would play.

On Friday, Federico Chingotto entered the Premier Padel competition in Egypt along with Spaniard Javi Garrido. This meant that Garrido was leaving his partner Lucas Campagnolo. 

When Padel Alto reaches "Campa," he is disappointed. And at the same time, confirms that the break will come as soon as possible. 

— They took me out of the way. I'll tell you that quickly. Now I have to find a partner, says the Brazilian to Padel Alto. 

According to the Brazilian, the news that his partner would no longer play with him did not reach him in the best possible way.

— I found out from a third part on Wednesday while having breakfast. 

He explains more:  

— One can understand the professional decisions of the other, this is a sport of couples but each one takes care of his own. On Wednesday morning, I was having breakfast in Santander, and a player came up to me and said: "what are you going to do now when your partner will play with Chingotto,". I didn't even know it, and two more players asked me the same in the afternoon. 

”It was the first time I didn't feel like playing.”

Nevertheless, Lucas Campagnolo and Javi Garrido played in the Santander Open, where they won Wednesday's match. 

— When we finished playing on Wednesday, I asked Javi, and he swore to me that there was nothing, looking me in the eyes. On Wednesday night, he confirmed that he would play with Chingotto. Later I found out that it had been discussed since Sunday. 

After the news, Campagnolo had to face his round of 16 matches in Santander against Franco Stupaczuk and Pablo Lima. There, a disconnected couple was seen on the court, without the fighting spirit they were used to since the union of the Campagnolo/Garrido duo. 

They finally fell by 3-6, 1-6.

— I tried to play my best, but I was very affected, and I imagine he was too. Then the match was a disaster, we were overpowered. Thursday was the first time I didn't feel like going on the court, I didn't feel like playing. The match ended, and we were signed up for Egypt. And I told him to play with Chingotto that he didn't have to play with me because of commitment.

”I didn't deserve to finish like that.”

Starting with the Menorca WPT, Campagnolo will have to get a new partner, although he still doesn't have in sight who it will be.

Will you play with Javi in Menorca, or do you already have a new partner in mind?

- No, I will only play in Buenos Aires with Garrido because we can't get out of that.

Do you already know who you will play with for the rest of the season?

— No, I still don't have anyone in mind for the next season. There are three tournaments left, and it's complicated... it's difficult. I still had a chance to be an alternate in the Master Final, and now I don't know. It's a huge problem for me. I think it was the best professional year for both of us, and it didn't deserve to end like this.

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