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Fernando Belasteguin after winning the title: ”The most special World Cup for me”


Fernando Belasteguin, the ageless king of world padel, was crowned world champion once again with the Argentine national team, defining the decisive point with Sanyo Gutierrez. The "Boss" tells PadelClub Podcast how he experienced the emotion of lifting the trophy again with Argentina.
— There's no doubt this was the most special World Cup for me. I enjoyed it a lot, he says.

The Argentinean padel team has once again been crowned world champions. The eleventh title for the national squad continues to dominate the world padel.

Undoubtedly, a necessary architect of this Argentine dominance has been Fernando Belasteguin. The tireless Bela achieved another title with his beloved Argentina, although according to what he said on the PadelClub podcast, this title has a different flavor for him.

— There is no doubt that this was the most special World Cup for me. I enjoyed it. It was an incredible week, and we ended it in the best possible way, he says in the podcast. 

Belasteguin was chosen by the coaching staff - alongside Sanyo Gutierrez - to play the third and decisive point of the series in the final against Spain, a decision he didn't find out about until the morning before the match. Finally, Bela and Sanyo would win the match against Ruiz and Gonzalez, giving the title to Argentina.

— In the third point, the coaches had doubts about whether Sanyo would play with Juan Tello or with me, but we had made such a united team during all these days that I rested very calmly, knowing that whoever played, we would all be supporting each other.

”The most intense moment of the week”

This bonding that Belasteguin talks about was forged in the team during the week and reached its peak on Friday night before the final.

— On Friday night, the coaching staff brought us all together. We all spoke, everyone expressed their feelings, and we made it clear that from pairs one to three, we would play as a team. Of the 9 World Cups I have played since 2002, it was the first time we had a meeting like this, it was the most intense moment of the entire week.

The level shown in the World Cup by Argentina and Spain is still far superior to the rest of the teams. Although the rest of the national squads have shown improvement in their game, according to Bela, there is still a long way to go before the competition is more level.

—We can already see a dispute from 3rd place downwards, but I think it will take at least another 10 to 15 years to take the historical hegemony away from Spain and Argentina.

”I see it extremely far away.”

Belasteguin (43) is now enjoying being world champion with Argentina once again, although he is not sure it will be the last.

— I will do my best to play for two more years. Hopefully, my body will allow me to do so. It would be a dream to play in 2024, but now I see it extremely far away.

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