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The President on the postponed championship — to Padel Alto: ”Not many options left”


Ramon Morcillo, the president of the Spanish Padel Federation, broke the silence this week about the Spanish championship that was to have been played at the end of October. Now the event is postponed instead. Speaking exclusively to Padel Alto, Morcillo explains the reasons. 
— There were not many options left, he says. 

The interview with Ramon Morcillo, the President of FEP, takes place in Valencia, where Europe’s best junior players compete in the first-ever European Junior Championships. 

What are your thoughts on the tournament? 

— We believe it has been a success that the FIP (International Federation) has bet for Spain, specifically here in Valencia. The Valencian federation has carried out a perfect organization. In addition, there is an excellent level of players. Although the difference from Spain is still noticeable, we have seen close matches. 

He continues: 

Some countries like Italy, France, and Sweden are doing very well. It is noticeable that everything will be much more equal in the next few years. It was a needed championship because, as President Carraro (FIP) said the other day, the base of the sport is the youth players. The level shown by these kids ensures the future of padel, so we are delighted that this championship is taking place here in Spain. 

”Forced to postpone it”

The other day came the news that the Spanish championship was postponed just days before. What is your comment on that? 

— We published the calendar at the beginning of the year, stating that the Spanish championship would be held from October 23 to 30. As soon as we had news at the end of September that Premier Padel was putting a tournament in Egypt, it became impossible because the calendar was saturated. The only available date would be after the Barcelona Master, and you are almost in Christmas then. It’s not an option. So we have been forced to postpone it, there were not many options left.

Are any new dates ready?

— In principle, the idea would be to hold it in January 2023, for which we have made all the legal consultations, and there would be no problem from that point of view. We have also informed the Superior Council of Sports of the situation.

First, Qatar, then the FIP World Cup moved to Dubai. Spain was a candidate for the championship. What do you think about that? 

— It is a matter decided by the FIP. Qatar’s offer was the one that got the most votes, and it was decided to go there. Then, due to the problems derived from the Football World Cup, it had to be moved to Dubai, which also was a candidate. The FIP explained it very well.

”A bit of ignorance”

What are your expectations for the Spanish team in the World Cup? 

— We always go with the highest expectations, but then we must compete. We indeed have a very strong national team and are the current World champions, but other countries like Argentina and Brazil are also very strong. Hopefully, we can revalidate the title; if not, we will try to be as high as possible.

The World Padel Tour’s new NEXT competitions have been criticized. Tell us. 

— These are events held by the regional federations. The Spanish federation fulfills the function of ordering the calendar. We understand that this benefits the players who can participate in these events and get players who can earn points to access the WPT ranking. We do not go against anyone but in favor of the player, giving them the option to participate in these events. 

He continues: 

— In addition to Premier Padel or regional circuits are also these Next-tournaments. The problem is that there has been a bit of ignorance at the time of the announcement, he says. 

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