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Belasteguin: ”If Galán or Tapia called him, he would be very excited to play with them”


While Fernando Belasteguin and Arturo Coello are playing their very best padel together, speculation has arisen about separation for next season as Coello has been linked with Agustin Tapia. Now Bela is speaking out in an interview with Marca. 

Fernando Belasteguin’s career is far from over. Despite his advanced age, the best padel player of all time has recently extended his legendary status. With young Arturo Coello, he has won in Madrid and Amsterdam and went to the final, most recently in Santander.

Despite this, there is speculation that the pair will split by 2023. Arturo Coello is being linked with Agustin Tapia, and contact between the team has been confirmed by Tapia in an interview with Padel Alto earlier this week.

Now Fernando Belasteguin speaks out in an interview with Marca: 

— He has told me that if Galán or Tapia called him, he would be very excited to play with them. We talked about this at the Premier Padel in Madrid because there was a rumor that he had already done it with Stupaczuk for 2023. I asked him, more than anything, because I would be looking for a partner for 2023, and I assured him that I would give everything in every tournament we had left together. 

He continues: 

— Arturo told me that he had not closed anything with Franco but that if he had the chance to play with Tapia, he would like it. And look, from there, our best results came.

Marca: Do you think he may change his mind and continue with you in 2023?

— I think that what people say from outside should not influence us. People say, ‘no, Arturo, you should continue with Bela.’ And I say, ‘why?’ If he is excited to play with Tapia, there is little more to say. I am obvious; I’m not going to go crazy. I don’t see anyone as an authorized voice to tell him what he has to do. It is my point of view, and I take it very naturally.

He doesn’t want to give any details of what kind of player he himself is looking for in 2023 if Coello leaves the project. 

— 2023 is far away, and I know many things can happen. There are many tournaments left. At this time of the year, there are so many changes because the players see that there are still many championships left. There are 5 World Padel Tours, plus 2 Premier Padel and another possible one. I want to finish with Arturo as high as possible this year. We started this project as couple number 8, and look where we are now; I’m thrilled.

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