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Tapia confirms to Padel Alto — decides the future this week: ”There has been contact”

During the last week, there were rumors that Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello would form a couple for the upcoming season. Now Agustin Tapia speaks out about the speculations to Padel Alto. A decision could be made as early as this week.
— There have been calls and contact between us, admits the Argentine star.

Last week, the Spanish site AS published information that Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello will form a pair next season. The news was still unconfirmed, and many padel sites reported the potential pairing.

Padel Alto met Agustin Tapia in Madrid while his sponsor, Nox, presented its new collection for 2023. During the interview, Tapia confirmed that he had been in contact with Coello, something he also says in Padel Club Podcast that will be published tomorrow.

— There have been calls and contact, but I don’t think I could decide now with so many tournaments in a row. It is unnecessary to talk about next year in the middle of the season. We have competed for five weeks in a row now, so this week of rest can be crucial to decide what will come. I only know that I am focused on finishing it the best way this year.

What do you think of the season with Sanyo so far? 

—  It's been a much more regular season than I expected, apart from the last few tournaments, which haven't been the best. It's a very good season, although there's still a long year ahead, so we'll try to get back to enjoying ourselves on the court because there's still a long way to go.

Last week, Padel Alto was the first to report that Sanyo Gutierrez and Agustin Tapia will not be participating in Egypt’s Premier Padel tournament. A decision that surprised many followers in the padel community. 

”The team decided”

Sanyo Gutierrez himself confirmed to the site that the reason was that there would be too many tournaments.

Did you want to play in that tournament? 

— It's the team's decision because of the tournament accumulation. Egypt is very nice, and the Premier tournaments are incredible, but we decided it was the tournament we could resign.

Earlier in the year, Agustin Tapia had major problems participating in Premier Padel tournaments, missing the tournament in Rome and Roland Garros in Paris. This was because the sponsor, Nox, advised its players not to break their contracts with the World Padel Tour.

”I´m very relieved.”

The situation is now resolved with Nox and Tapia, and Sanyo debuted on the new world tour in Madrid’s P1 tournament. 

— I am very relieved that the situation has been resolved. We started in Madrid because we didn’t make it to Roland Garros, and it was a great tournament. It was perfect for me. I was angry or sad to see all my teammates playing, and I couldn’t do it. But now I can do it, I played Madrid and Mendoza, and it was beautiful with so many people in my country. Now we will enjoy the tournaments we play since we are free to participate.

During Monday’s presentation of the new racket collection, Tapia got to feel the racket he will use next season. 

— The rackets are excellent, I can’t try them yet, but they look fantastic.

What has Nox meant to you in your career? 

— Nox made me fulfill my dream to come to live in Spain and dedicate myself to padel, playing in the best circuit in the world. I will always be grateful to Nox.

The World Cup is coming up in Dubai. How keen are you for revenge for losing in the final against Spain last year during your first senior championship?

— We have a new opportunity. As for me, I still have the thorn of my first World Cup...we lost the final, but this year we have a new opportunity. Sport gives revenge, and the best thing to happen this year would be winning the trophy.

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