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Javi Garrido to Padel Alto: ”Some people in the circuit like to talk bullshit”


Lucas Campagnolo yesterday lashed out at his current partner Javi Garrido, feeling let down by Garrido's new partnership with Federico Chingotto. Now the Spaniard gives his version to Padel Alto. 
— People talk a lot, and some people in the circuit like to talk bullshit. They told him things that were not real, Garrido says.

On Thursday came the confirmation of who would be the new partner of Federico Chingotto: Javi Garrido was chosen by the Argentine player.

After the announcement, Garrido's current partner Lucas Campagnolo was upset with the situation. In an interview with Padel Alto, the Brazilian said that he understood Garrido's decision, but he had been annoyed with how he found out.

Now, Javi Garrido gives Padel Alto his version. 

— Fede (Chingotto) called me to play on Wednesday night, and I told Campa. I obviously knew that the possibility of playing with him could come up because he was without a partner, says Garrido to Padel Alto. 

”People talk a lot."

Lucas commented that on Wednesday morning, he had been told at breakfast. They even told him that your deal with Fede had been closed since Sunday. Isn't that right?

— What they told Campa that my partnership with Fede was closed since Sunday is a lie. What need would I have to hide something like that until Wednesday, just before playing an important game for us? People talk a lot, and some people like to talk bullshit inside the circuit. They told him things that were not real.

But Campa claims that two more players came back later in the afternoon to ask him about your union with Chingotto. How did they know?

— From the moment Tello got together with Paquito, the rumors started, but it was just that: rumors. I talked to Chingotto on Wednesday night, and that's all. Even Chingotto spoke to Campa on Tuesday, and he told him that he would call another player and that if that player said no, he would call me.

Lucas Campagnolo. 

Until Wednesday afternoon, after the game, nothing was confirmed?

— On Wednesday afternoon after the game, when campa asked me, Chingotto hadn't called me yet. But if you look at the ranking, it was obvious that if he went down the next one, he would call me. Everybody knew it, even Campa. But from there to him calling me was a step.

”Look like the bad guy.”

P.A: When did Chingotto's call come?

— The call came on Wednesday night when we were having dinner with Campa. After talking to Fede, I told Lucas and explained that it was a very good opportunity for me. Then he was the one who decided that we should not play in Egypt.

P.A: Do you think things were misunderstood? What did you get wrong in this situation?

— For me, playing with Fede is a great opportunity to continue growing as I have been doing. He is a very experienced player for how young he is and can help me greatly in my game. It was an opportunity I could not refuse. But it hurts me because things were said that are untrue, and I look like the bad guy. I have a clear conscience because I know how things are. I hope that everything will be fixed. Time heals everything.

Federico Chingotto and Javi Garrido make their first tournament in Egypt's Premier Padel. Lucas Campagnolo has not yet finalized a new partner. 

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