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BREAKING: Lamperti confirms to Padel Alto: ”We will play together for the rest of the season”


After the announcement of the separation between Miguel Lamperti and Jon Sanz, the registration list for Premier Padel Egypt revealed that Lamperti and Yanguas would play together again, although it wasn't clear if it would only be for one tournament. Now Miguel Lamperti confirms to Padel Alto. 
— We will play together for the rest of the season, he says. 

After his separation from Jon Sanz after a year and one title together, Miguel Lamperti will finish the 2022 season with an old acquaintance: Mike Yanguas.

The experienced Argentinean player confirmed this in a chat with Padel Alto.

— I will play with Mike in the remaining tournaments until the end of the year. Except for Menorca and Buenos Aires, where Mike is already signed up with Paco.

After the announcement of his split with Martin Di Nenno, Paquito Navarro chose Mike Yanguas as his new partner for the Menorca tournament, and they will also compete together in Buenos Aires in December since, due to logistical reasons, the registration for the Argentinean capital's Master closed when Navarro had not yet made his union with Juan Tello official.

When Padel Alto asked Lamperti if the pairing with Yanguas would continue in 2023, Miguel replied:

— At the moment, we will play these tournaments, but we have not yet decided anything for 2023.

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