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Announces the break-up: ”We couldn't turn around the bad feelings”


Farewells of couples in the professional circuit continue. After the bombshells of Paquito/Di Nenno and Chingotto/Tello's split at the beginning of the week, it's Lamperti and Sanz's turn. After a year together, the Argentinean legend and the young Spaniard will go their separate ways.

A new breakup comes to the world of padel. After a week of movements in the top couples of the ranking comes a new separation.

Experienced Argentinean player Miguel Lamperti (43) has announced his separation from Jon Sanz. 

The pair had started their sporting project a year ago, winning one Challenger title this season in Getafe. 

Although their new partners are not confirmed, Lamperti is on the New Giza Premier Padel list with a former partner, Miguel Yanguas. Sanz, for his part, is listed with Argentine Ramiro Moyano, although it is not yet clear if they will continue together in the rest of the competitions.

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