World Padel Championship

Star coaches to lead Italy in the World Padel Championship


The Italian Padel Federation now announces who will lead the Italian national team at the World Padel Championships in Dubai in November. And there are no unknown names being presented. Miguel Sciorilli will lead the men´s team, while Marcela Ferrari will continue to lead the women's. 

The Italian national teams have a good chance to take good positions at the World Padel Championships in November. Most star shine, however, can be found on the leader's bench.

Miguel Sciorilli will lead the Italian men's team, while Marcela Ferrari will continue with the main responsibility over the women's team.

Sciorilli is one of the most renowned coaching names in the world and coaches stars like Fernando Belasteguin and Ari Sanchez daily. This will be the first time the Argentine coach has taken on the role of national team captain.

Led Italy to a bronze 

Marcela Ferrari has been captain of the Italian women's national team for a few years now. Her greatest achievement is a recent bronze medal from the World Championships in Doha last year. In addition to her job as national coach, she runs her own padel school at Club Esportiu Laietà in Barcelona and coaches several professional players.

But Ferrari also has a history with Fernando Belasteguin. She was the Argentine's head coach for several years and followed him through a long series of successes.

It is already known that Rodri Ovide and Gaby Reca will lead the Argentinean national team. Argentina are favorites along with reigning champions Spain on the men's side, while reigning champions Spain are big favorites on the women's side. 

Ovide currently trains Paquito Navarro/Martin Di Nenno and Gemma Triay, and Alejandra Salazar, among others, while Gaby Reca trains Federico Chingotto/Juan Tello and Tamara Icardo, and Delfi Brea. 

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