World Padel Championship

Prize money for the first time in the World Cup — here is the sum

Yesterday came the shock news: the FIP is changing the host country for this year's World Padel Championships, just over 30 days until the kick-off. 

Instead of Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and the city of Dubai will host the championship. In addition to the enormous honor of winning a World Championship, the FIP announces that prize money will be awarded.

”The XVI Padel World Championships will feature a Prize Money of € 500,000 to be distributed, equally between men and women, to all countries qualified to the final stage. The distribution of the Prize Money will be handled by the Federations”, writes FIP in an official statement. 

How these will be allocated is not yet communicated. 

On the men's side, Spain and Argentina are big favorites. On the women's side, Spain is the big favorite. 

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