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Nox CEO to Alto on why their players are missing in the FIP tour: ”Tapia and Lamperti can't play”

Agustin Tapia and Miguel Lamperti are the two players in the men´s top 20 missing from the starting line-up for the first competition organized by the International Padel Federation in Doha. Now the players' joint sponsor, Nox, answers why to Padel Alto.

The new FIP tour, backed by Qatar Sports Investment (QSI) and the Professional Players Association (PPA), starts in three weeks. All the top players except Nox players Agustin Tapia (6), Miguel Lamperti (19), and Rafael Mendez (50) are missing from the list of players.  

Now Nox boss Jesús Ballvé answers to Padel Alto why. 

— No Nox player will play in Qatar, he says. 

And continues:

— Nox has advised its players not to violate the clauses they have signed in their contracts with the WPT.

The players have a contract with the World Padel Tour until the end of 2023, which has led to a conflict between the players, who have openly supported the FIP Tour through the PPA association. 

”Exclusive contracts with WPT”

The World Padel Tour has frozen all FIP points on the WPT rankings and threatened to fine the players up to 500-thousand euros if they play on the new tour, citing an exclusivity agreement. 

All top players take the risk of, except those who are Nox-sponsored. 

— The top 20 players have exclusive contracts with the World Padel Tour. Miguel (Lamperti) and Agus (Agustin Tapia) cannot play there. Both Rafa Mendez and Lamperti will play the WPT Challenger. 

The Spanish brand is a sponsor partner of the World Padel Tour. 

The International Padel Federation (FIP) and Professional Players Association (PPA) have taken the case against World Padel Tour to the European Commission in Brussels, meaning the contracts violate European law 

The new tour has also not agreed with the women's association IPPA; therefore, the ladies will not play the first competition in Doha from 28 March to 2 April. 

Could any Nox players play in future FIP tournaments, according to you? 
— You'll have to ask the players about that. 

What do the players think about the situation? 
 Same there, you'll have to ask the players. 

Padel Alto is trying to reach the players for a comment. 

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