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The battle for the world's best players — here is the Players Padel Tour's proposal


Right now, two actors are challenging World Padel Tour to become the biggest world tour of the future. This weekend, the newly formed Players Association, chaired by Alejandro Galan, published a letter strongly criticizing the WPT. During the Buenos Aires Masters, the CEO of Players Padel Tour, Lisandro Borges, gathered the players to present his approach. Padel Alto has come across the details. 

A lot is going on in world padel right now. In December, Padel Alto revealed that PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi wanted to start a new world padel tour. According to the Spanish newspaper Marca, he plans to launch ten competitions as early as next season. 

This is while the players have contracts with the World Padel Tour until the end of 2023. 2022 will also be when the World Padel Tour expands, with competitions planned in the USA, Dubai, and several new places in Europe such as France, Denmark, and Belgium. 

In just one month, the new season kicks off with competition in Miami. 

Over the weekend, the World Padel Tour came in for strong criticism from the newly formed Players Association on the men's side led by Alejandro Galan. 

— WPT's communication and conduct in recent days are totally consistent with its insincere approach, exclusively self-serving and tending to undervalue both the sport and the athletes for so many years, says the letter. 

Another actor involved in the battle for the world's best players is the Players Padel Tour, led by Argentine Lisandro Borges who organized the World Padel Tour's competition in Buenos Aires. In December, in Buenos Aires, he gathered all the players to present the tour's structure. 

The players on the World Padel Tour that Padel Alto has been in contact with regarding the presentation of the Players Padel Tour have appreciated the set-up and the presentation in Buenos Aires. 

— We are offering 50 percent of the ownership to the players and 50 percent for us, Lisandro Borges said in an interview with Padel Alto. 

Padel Alto has now come across the figures and details of a possible Players Padel Tour structure starting in 2024. The tour has a number of major partners that were announced in Buenos Aires and will be played in Europe, South America, North America, and the Middle East. 

Players Padel Tour — the proposal 

Freedom of players 

The players will participate in the events organized by the circuit but will be free to play wherever they want. 

Circuit events   

The Players Padel Tour will have 20 tournaments a year.
  • 4 Grand slams (500.000 Euros in price money)
  • 8 Masters (400.000 Euros in price money)
  • 10 Opens (250.000 Euros in price money) 

Price money 

The prize money is pending from 250.000 to 500.000 euros in total. 1500 euros is insured for the players who lose in the first round, and the tour will allocate 1,000,000 euros every year to cover the expenses of the players who participate in Pre Previas and Previas. 

Streaming & TV 

The competition will be broadcast from Previas/Qualifications. TV rights will be marketed worldwide. 

Pension fund

The players will have a pension fund so that the player will have an income after retirement. 

Signing bonus 

The top 150 ranked players will receive 30,000 Euros at the signing of the contract starting in 2024. This bonus will be activated once at least 60 players have signed up — 8 of the top 20 and 60 of the top 100 ranked players. 

Percentage of the circuit 

20 % of the annual profits that the circuit leaves will be for the Player Association. The Player Association will be a member of the circuit and will participate in the administration body. 

Image rights 

The image rights belong to the players without restrictions. 

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