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CONFIRMED: Tapia leaves Lima after Lugo Open — opens up possibility for Tapia/Sanyo

Padel Alto reported earlier that Sanyo Gutierrez's first choice is Agustin Tapia after the breakup with Fernando Belasteguin. Now Pablo Lima announces on his Instagram that he and Agustin Tapia are going their separate ways after the Lugo Open. 

According to a reliable source of Padel Alto, Sanyo Gutierrez's first choice is Agustin Tapia. Now the partnership is close as Pablo Lima has gone official saying that he and Tapia are breaking up after the Lugo Open. 

— This will be the last tournament I will play with the talented Agustin Tapia. Agustin has decided to take another way, a decision I respect 100%., writes Pablo Lima in the post. 

The source says that if Agustin Tapia's contract allows a switch to Sanyo Gutierrez, it is his first choice. With this announcement, a new possible pair of Sanyo Gutierrez and Agustin Tapia is getting closer. Other candidates would have been Javi Ruiz, Maxi Sanchez, or Javi Garrido. 

Who Pablo Lima will play with after the Lugo Open is unclear. Previously, Padel Alto has written that Fernando Belasteguin has decided to play with Arturo Coello after the Lugo Open. 

The article will be updated. 

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