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Reached the quarter-finals for the first time in Valencia — forced to withdraw Las Rozas Open

MADRID. Jesús Moya and Eduardo Alonso reached the quarter-finals in the main round of the Valencia Open for the first time. Now, the pair will not compete in the Las Rozas Open for medical reasons of Jesus Moya, the World Padel Tour confirms the news on its website. 

Jesús Moya from Melilla is forced to withdraw from the World Padel Tour season's eighth race in Las Rozas, Madrid. This is for medical reasons, according to World Padel Tours website. 

The team played good padel last time in Valencia Open and reached the quarter-finals. The pair's best result ever in the World Padel Tour. It is unclear whether it is Covid 19 that has affected Jesus Moya. 

A Lucky Loser pair from the Previa will take the team´s place in the main draw that starts on Wednesday. It is already clear that another player from Melilla will also miss the Las Rozas Open, Uri Botello. His new partner Ramiro Moyano has tested positive for Covid 19. Also there the team is replaced by a Lucky Loser from the Previa. 

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