Premier Padel

Tolito suffers a tough defeat in the Málaga P1 of Premier Padel


Tolito Aguirre continues playing Premier Padel tournaments, trying to accumulate points that will allow him to regularly compete in the top circuit. The Argentine fell in the first round alongside Gonzalo Rubio in a match to forget.

Pincho Fernández and José Jiménez dominated them from start to finish. It took them just 55 minutes to close the match with a convincing 6/1 and 6/3.

This was the third tournament Tolito Aguirre played with Gonzalo Rubio. So far, the only victory they have achieved was in the Italy Major.

Let’s remember that Tolito Aguirre is registered in the FIP Platinum of Sardinia alongside Miguel Lamperti.

His usual partner, Gonzalo Alfonso, is obtaining better results. Yesterday, he won again, and today he will have the opportunity to face Luciano Capra and Maxi Sánchez. In this tournament, Alfonso is playing with Xisco Gil.

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