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Lebrón’s emotional goodbye to Paquito on social media


Juan Lebrón has confirmed his separation from Paquito Navarro on social media. The ‘Wolf’ dedicated some kind words to his partner, with whom he will have the opportunity to win a title this week in their final dance.

After four months together, Lebrón has decided to step aside and embark on a new sports project. Although there is no official confirmation, the Spaniard is expected to team up with Martín Di Nenno.

Lebrón posted a message on Instagram acknowledging that things haven’t gone as planned but expressing his enduring affection for Paquito: “This time it didn’t work out as we would have liked! Thank you for accepting the challenge and giving it your all. Grateful for these months with you and for having enjoyed it both on and off the court.”

Finally, Lebrón referred to this week’s Málaga P1, the last chance they will have as a pair to win a title: “Let’s enjoy the last dance together in Málaga.”

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