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The European Padel Championship

Italy hopes for medals - counting on home crowd support


The European Championship is just around the corner, and this year's tournament will be particularly special for Italy, competing on home ground. Head coach Marcela Ferrari is confident that the team has the potential to reach the top positions and hopes for strong support from the home crowd. — "I have full confidence in the team we have selected," says Marcela Ferrari, technical director and head coach of the Italian team.

The 2024 European Championship will take place in Sardinia from July 22nd to July 27th. This will be an exciting tournament for Italy, competing at home. The team previously secured second place in the men's competition and bronze in the women's competition.

Star coach Marcela Ferrari leads the team and has selected the following squad:

Women's Team:

  • Carlotta Casali
  • Giorgia Marchetti
  • Carolina Orsi
  • Chiara Pappacena
  • Martina Parmigiani
  • Emily Stellato
  • Giulia Sussarello
  • Lorena Vano

Carlotta Casali returns after a strong season, and the newcomers are Lorena Vano and Martina Parmigiani. Vano, born in Caserta and raised in Malaga, has become the second highest-ranked Italian player. Parmigiani has achieved notable national results.

Men's Team:

  • Michele Bruno
  • Marco Cassetta
  • Simone Cremona
  • Lorenzo Di Giovanni
  • Facundo Dominguez
  • Giulio Graziotti
  • Aris Patiniotis
  • Riccardo Sinicropi

Michele Bruno returns after winning the European Championship in 2019. The newcomers are Facundo Dominguez and Aris Patiniotis, ranked 57 and 63 in the world, respectively, who have impressed internationally with victories over Bela and Tello earlier this year.

"I Have Carefully Considered Several Aspects"

— "As the coach of the Italian padel teams, both men and women, it is an honor to announce the names of the players who will represent Italy at the European Championships in Cagliari. I have carefully considered several aspects to arrive at my decisions. I want to thank all the excellent players who, although not selected this time, are an integral part of our project and a resource for both the present and future of Italian padel," said Marcela Ferrari, head coach of the Italian national team, to the Federazione Italiana Tennis e Padel.

She continues:

— "I have spoken with each of them and clearly explained the reasons behind each decision. I have not only considered sporting results but also each player's behavior on and off the court, their ability to integrate and contribute to the team. The goal was to form a cohesive and strong team by finding the perfect mix of different characters and temperaments, between experience and young talent. I have full confidence in the team we have chosen together with the technical staff and with support from the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation."

In the last championship in Marbella, they defeated Sweden in the decisive matches. Now, the head coach hopes for strong support from the home crowd to reach the top positions.

— "I am convinced that these teams have the potential and preparation to compete at the highest level and fight for the best positions in the European Championship. To all padel lovers in Italy, I ask you to strongly support this fantastic team: I invite you to come to Cagliari to cheer us on and give us the support we need."

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