The European Padel Championship

From Wimbledon to the European Padel Championships: "Padel is my life"


Over ten years ago, on August 12, 2013, Jerzy Janowicz was at the peak of his tennis career, ranked as world number 13 after an impressive semifinal appearance at Wimbledon. Now, he might secure a spot in Poland's European Championship team this summer.

Continuing our stories about the European Padel Championship, we focus on former tennis star Jerzy Janowicz, who could compete for Poland in this summer’s Padel-EM.

On August 12, 2013, Jerzy Janowicz reached the highlight of his tennis career. Ranked as world number 13, just weeks after reaching the Wimbledon semifinals, where he lost to Andy Murray despite winning the first set. Standing at 203 cm, Janowicz played his last tennis match in September 2022.

However, he has continued to compete professionally - this time in padel.

Last year, he competed in padel for Poland in the European Games. He told the FIP that "padel has become his life."

“This is my rebirth, after so many injuries. Padel is very different from tennis, and the earnings are also different, but with padel, I can play, have fun, chase goals without fearing for my body. Padel at this moment in my life is very important and enjoyable to play, it’s the complete opposite of how tennis has been for me in recent years.”

He continues:

“I came to hate it because of the many physical problems I had, and in the last six years, what I felt most on the tennis court was pain. I was mentally and physically destroyed. But now, with padel, can you see it? I’m smiling again.”

Over the past year, Janowicz has also competed in several FIP tournaments around the world, including a tournament in Sweden with mixed results. He also represented Poland in the European Games last year. While Poland's team for the European Championship is not yet official, it is likely that Janowicz will secure a spot in the squad.

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