Premier Padel

Tolito Aguirre eliminated in the first round of the Genoa P2


Tolito Aguirre and Gonzalo Rubio fell to Maxi Sánchez and Luciano Capra in their debut at the Genoa P2. The final score was 6/4 and 7/6.

Tolito Aguirre continues trying his luck in Premier Padel, but so far without much success. In his second tournament with Gonzalo Rubio, he once again fell early to the newly formed pair of Capra-Sánchez.

The Argentine has recently become the number one in A1 Padel and continues with the idea of earning FIP points to make the transition to the more prestigious circuit.

Aguirre usually plays with Gonzalo Alfonso. However, due to not having enough points to be in the main draw, Alfonso and Tolito have to find different partners to accumulate enough points to play together.

On the other hand, his partner Alfonso did manage to secure a victory alongside his partner Jairo Bautista. Tomorrow, they will face a tough battle against the number 1 pair, Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia.

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