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All you need to know about the Bordeaux P2: draws, TV, prizes, top 4, and more


Premier Padel arrives in Bordeaux for the first tournament in Europe after the South American tour. The Arkéa Arena is getting ready to welcome French fans to a tournament marked by major absences.


The Bordeaux tournament is a P2, meaning the champions will earn 500 points for the ranking, which is tighter than ever. The finalists will receive 300 points, the semifinalists 180, and the quarterfinalists 90.

This will be the fifth P2 tournament of the season in Premier Padel. As a lower category tournament, several pairs have decided not to participate to prepare for the Italy Major the following week.

Top 4

Coello-Tapia, Chingotto-Galán, Lebrón-Paquito, and Di Nenno-Stupa will not be present in the men's category. Sánchez-Josemaría and Brea-González are absent in the women's category. Icardo-Salazar will also be absent, but in this case, it is due to the Valencian player's injury.

1. Bela-Tello
2. Yanguas-Garrido
3. Momo-Ruiz
4. Sanyo-Sánchez

1. Triay-Fernández
2. Ortega-Virseda
3. Castelló-Jensen
4. Riera-Araújo

Where to Watch - TV

The early rounds of the tournament can be watched on Premier Padel's YouTube channel. Starting from the quarterfinals, the Bordeaux P2 can be enjoyed exclusively on Red Bull TV, a free download application.

Prize Money and Draws

Bela will have a great opportunity to win a title in his last season by being the number 1 pair. However, a tough potential match against Augsburger-Libaak looms in the second round. Yanguas and Garrido are the other strong candidate pair in France.

Complete draws here.

Complications with the Court to Start the Week

The P2 category tournament will distribute €250,000.

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