Premier Padel

Unprecedented final in Premier Padel


Premier Padel will enjoy a women's final featuring players without titles this season. The reign of Sánchez-Josemaría and González-Brea has come to an end.

Gemma Triay and Claudia Fernández managed to defeat the number 1 pair in the semifinals. This will be the fourth final for the pair this year. In the previous three, they have not managed to win. Claudia Fernández will be seeking the first title of her professional career.

On the other hand, Lucía Sainz and Patty Llaguno used their experience to overcome the youth of Andrea Ustero and Alejandra Alonso. Sainz and Llaguno, with their extensive experience and notable careers in previous circuits, will relish the opportunity to compete in their first final in Premier Padel.

Let's remember that this season, out of the 8 tournaments played, 7 have been won by the number 1 and 2 pairs. Only Castelló and Jensen managed to break that dominance in the Acapulco P1.

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