Premier Padel

This is the world ranking after six competitions


This year, 25 Premier Padel competitions will be organised around the world. This is the world ranking after six tournaments.

Two months have passed in the new Premier Padel season. In that time, six Premier Padel competitions have been played. There have been some changes in the world rankings.



1. Ariana Sanchez 
1. Paula Josemaria
3. Gemma Triay
4. Beatriz Gonzalez
5. Delfina Brea
6. Marta Ortega
7. Alejandra Salazar
8. Sofia Araujo
9. Jessica Castello
10. Virginia Riera
10. Tamara Icardo

7th of May 2024:

1st Ariana Sanchez
1. Paula Josemaria 
3. Beatriz Gonzalez 
4. Delfina Brea
5. Gemma Triay
6. Marta Ortega
7. Alejandra Salazar
8. Jessica Castello 
9. Tamara Icardo  
10. Sofia Araujo

Comment: Sanchez and Josemaria remain as world number ones. Gemma Triay has lost her third place while Gonzalez and Brea have moved up in the rankings.



1. Arturo Coello
2. Ale Galan
2. Juan Lebron
4. Martín Di Nenno
5. Franco Stupaczuk
6. Agustín Tapia
7. Paquito Navarro
8 Federico Chingotto
9. Fernando Belasteguín
10. Juan Tello

7th May 2024:

1. Arturo Coello
2. Alejandro Galan
3. Agustin Tapia
4. Juan Lebron
5. Martin Di Nenno
6. Franco Stupaczuk
7 Francisco Navarro
8. Federico Chingotto
9 Fernando Belasteguin
10. Carlos Daniel Gutierrez

Comment: Tapia has climbed three steps in the rankings while Lebron has dropped two places. 

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