Premier Padel

This is the points difference in Premier Padel competitions


Premier Padel's competitions are divided into three different categories. Majors, P1 tournaments and P2 tournaments. In addition, the whole season ends with a Tour Final at the end of December.

  • P2: Third highest ranked Premier Padel competition in terms of ranking points and prize money.
  • P1: Second highest ranked Premier Padel event.
  • Major: Highest ranked Premier Padel event.

1. Premier Padel Major

Winners: 2000 points
Finalists: 1200 points

2. Premier Padel Finals

Winners: 1500 points

3. Premier Padel P1

Winners: 1000 points
The finalists: 600 points

4. Premier Padel P2

Winners: 500 points
Finalists: 300 points

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