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Galán and Chingotto surpass Paquito and Lebrón in the ranking


Alejandro Galán and Federico Chingotto conquered their second consecutive title in Seville. In this way, they managed to surpass Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebrón and position themselves as the second-best pair in the ranking.

After the split between Lebrón and Galán, two great new pairs were formed. Paquito had more points than Chingotto, and therefore, he and Lebrón became the second-ranked pair behind Coello and Tapia.

However, the start of Galán alongside Chingotto has been much better than Lebrón with Paquito. Titles in Brussels and Seville have propelled the pair to that second tier. It's not a minor detail, as this will prevent them from facing the number 1 pair until the final. The Superpibes remain as the number 4 pair.

As for the individual classification, Alejandro Galán remains above Agustín Tapia. Arturo Coello still leads the ranking with a wide margin.

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