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Jon Sanz signs with OnlyFans as their new sponsor


OnlyFans, the English subscription platform offering exclusive content, has announced the signing of Jon Sanz. He is another athlete to join the brand, whose goal is to fully immerse itself in sports.

OnlyFans has been investing in athletes and sports such as boxing, motor racing, motorcycling, and even football for some time. Jon Sanz's signing marks the brand's foray into paddle tennis.

The Navarrese player will have an exclusive channel, with free subscription, where he will share his experiences within the circuit, all his travels, training sessions, and much more. The account is already available.

"Happy to announce that I'm joining the OnlyFans family. You'll be able to find all the content related to my life and follow my daily life as a professional athlete more closely," Sanz posted on social media.

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