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Brussels P2 Men's Draw: Possible Galán vs. Lebrón in Semifinals


Premier Padel has published the draws for the Lotto Brussels P2, the first tournament in Europe of the season. Juan Lebrón and Paquito Navarro will debut as a pair and will be on the same side of the draw as Alejandro Galán and Federico Chingotto.

Lebrón and Paquito will start as pair number 2 and will face Jaime Muñoz and Javier García in the first round. Meanwhile, Galán and Chingotto, pair number 3, will face Edu Alonso and Alex Arroyo. If both pairs advance in the tournament, they will meet in the semifinals.

Agustín Tapia and Arturo Coello still have to wait for their opponents from the qualifiers. The number 1 pair will seek their fourth title of the season after winning in Qatar, Mexico, and Venezuela.

The "Superpibes" will have a tough first match against Josete Rico and Agustín Gutiérrez.

Access the complete draw here.

It is important to mention that the winning pair will earn 500 ranking points per player. The Brussels P2 will distribute €235,000.

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