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Lebrón and Momo, injury and withdrawal at the Puerto Cabello P2


Juan Lebrón and Momo González have been eliminated from the Puerto Cabello P2 by Ayats and Guerrero. Momo felt discomfort in his right shoulder and withdrew.

In their first and only tournament as a pair, Lebrón and Momo did not advance past the round of 16. When the match stood at 6/4 4/1 in favor of Ayats-Guerrero, Momo made the decision to stop risking further.

It is worth noting the excellent level shown by the young Ayats and Guerrero, who will face Nieto and Sanz in the quarterfinals.

Starting from the next tournament, Juan Lebrón will begin his new project alongside Paquito Navarro. Meanwhile, Momo will return to sharing the court with Álex Ruiz.

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