Premier Padel

Here are today's quarter-finals in Venezuela


The fourth Premier Padel competition of the year is taking place this week. 
Here are today's matches:

A number of players have been forced to withdraw from the tournament. Yesterday, Premier Padel made a statement about the situation: "Following the withdrawal of some players due to stomach flu, and other cases among players and staff, Premier Padel, the Puerto Cabello Premier Padel P2, and the city of Puerto Cabello are providing the necessary health and medical attention to the affected people”.

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Below is the schedule of matches that can be enjoyed via Red Bull TV starting at 5:00 PM (Venezuela), 10:00 PM (Spain), 6:00 PM (Argentina).


A. Coello and A. Tapia against G. Rubio and M. Sanchez 
V. Riera and S. Araujo against M. Ortega and V. Virseda 
V. Libaak and L. Augsburger against M. Di Nenno and F. Stupaczuk 
F. Chingotto and A. Galan against F. Navarro and C. Gutierrez

Court 1:

D. Brea and B. Gonzalez against S. Ruiz and L. Rufo
J. Nieto and J. Sanz against A. Ayats and F. Guerrero

Court 2:

N. Canovas and J. Velasco against G. Triay and C. Fernandez 
A. Salazar and T. Icardo against L. Sainz and P. Llaguno

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