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Ale Galan: "The goal is to become number one"


Alejandro Galán has chosen Federico Chingotto as his new partner after his break-up with Juan Lebrón. Galan tells the Spanish Instagram account VeinteDiez about his new partnership.

The time has come for Ale Galan to start a new partnership after four years with Juan Lebron. He will pair up with Federico Chingotto. The pair will play their first match tonight.

Galan told the Spanish Instagram account VeinteDiez about the new partnership:

- It's obviously my goal (to become world number ones with Chingotto). He hasn't managed to win many tournaments, although he has always won against all pairs, so I think I will be able to bring experience to the important matches so we can win a lot.

He also says in the interview that Chingotto was his only option and that they were already talking at the end of last year:

-  No, at that time Fede was the only option. We had a chat at the end of last year, he knows I like his way of playing and when I met him he said he would like to start a collaboration with me. But it was not the right time and it is difficult, maybe I was held back by the fact that I don't like the changes, says Galan.

Alejandro and Federico Chingotto's coach will be Jorge Martínez who has coached Lebron/Galan at the M3 Academy.

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