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Rest in peace, Carles — one of the pioneers of padel has passed away


The world of padel is mourning. One of the great pioneers of padel journalism, Carles Prat, has passed away at the age of 50.

Today, the padel world is mourning after the news of Carles Prat's passing at only 50 years old.

Carles Prat was a pioneer who started covering padel when the sport was still very small over a decade ago. In recent years, he has been very visible on his own Twitch channel, Padel20, where he often offers both initiated and entertaining talks about padel with invited guests.

Prat also worked for a long time for the Catalan Padel Federation and was present in Qatar only three weeks ago during the Premier Padel competition.

The announcement has been met with great support from players and people who work in the sport for Prat's family and loved ones.

Fernando Belasteguin writes: 

"Rest in peace, dear. My condolences to your family and friends."

Ari Sanchez writes:

"Life does not prepare us for these moments. Thank you for your dedication and kindness to all the players, especially me, and for making Padel your profession."

During the final of the Premier Padel in Mexico, a minute of silence was also held in honor of Prat.

Carles Prat will be remembered as a talented journalist passionate about Padel and for how he treated new people working around the sport, such as when Padel Alto was started.

The response was always the same: "What a great job you are doing!". Always with a smile on the lips.

Padel Alto´s editorial team's thoughts go to the family and Carles' loved ones, and we say Rest in Peace, Carles Prat. 

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