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All you need to know about the Puerto Cabello P2 - TV, Rankings, Top 4, Prizes


Premier Padel arrives in Puerto Cabello to host its fourth tournament of the year. Here's everything you need to know about this tournament, which will feature the debut of many pairs and will be the first with Lebrón and Galán playing separately.


The Puerto Cabello tournament is a P2 event, meaning that the champions will earn 500 points for the ranking, which is tighter than ever. The runners-up will receive 300 points, the semifinalists 180, and the quarterfinalists 90.

P2 tournaments are the lowest-ranked events within Premier Padel, hence they distribute fewer points.

Top 4

The big news of this tournament will be seeing Lebrón and Galán playing separately after their farewell in Mexico. On the other hand, Ari Sánchez and Paula Josemaría have decided not to participate in this tournament in order to rest.

1- Coello-Tapia
2- Stupa-Di Nenno
3- Galán-Chingotto
4- Lebrón-Momo

1- González-Brea
2- Triay-Fernández
3- Ortega-Virseda
4- Icardo-Salazar

Where to Watch - TV

The early rounds of the tournament can be watched on Premier Padel's YouTube channel. Starting from the quarterfinals, the Puerto Cabello P2 will be exclusively available on Red Bull TV, a free downloadable application.

Prize Money

Each of the tournament winners will receive €12,500 (per player). The runners-up will take home €6,875, while the semifinalists will receive €3,750, and the quarterfinalists €2,344.

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