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Lebrón after his celebration: "I'm still waiting for them to apologize to me."


Juan Lebrón showed his shirt to his rivals Mike Yanguas and Javier Garrido after the victory achieved in the quarterfinals of the Acapulco P1. It will undoubtedly be one of the most remembered celebrations in the history of padel.

This rematch between Lebrón-Galán and Garrido-Yanguas generated a lot of expectations. After the tense encounter at the Qatar Major, both pairs were eager to face each other. Nevertheless, Lebrón surprised everyone when he took off his shirt at the end of the match and showed it to his rivals.

In the post-match statements, he stated: "I am still waiting for them to apologize to me as I did with them. Let's hope this does not affect the National Team."

Lebrón and Galán will face the Superpibes in an amazing semifinal.

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