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Paquito and Lebrón, pair number 2 above the 'Superpibes' - Updated Ranking


The last few days have been filled with changes in partnerships. At Padel Alto, we review how the top of the rankings has shaped up. The most surprising thing is that Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebrón are now ranked as the number 2 pair, surpassing the 'Superpibes'.

Since the breakup of Lebrón and Galán, a domino effect has occurred, impacting new partnerships. Galán will play with Chingotto, Lebrón with Paquito, Momo González with Álex Ruiz, Sanyo with Maxi Sánchez, and Bela returns to the right side to share the court with Tello.

Tapia and Arturo remain undisputed as number 1, but there are surprises below them (this is the current ranking which could change when these pairs debut according to their results in Mexico and Venezuela):

1- Agustín Tapia - Arturo Coello 23,421 pts.

2- Paquito Navarro - Juan Lebrón 19,743

3- Martín Di Nenno - Franco Stupaczuk 18,908

4- Alejandro Galán - Federico Chingotto 18,678

5- Fernando Belasteguín - Juan Tello 10,773

6- Momo González - Álex Ruiz 7,609

7- Javier Garrido - Mike Yanguas 7,468

8- Sanyo Gutiérrez - Maxi Sánchez 6,824

9- Coki Nieto - Jon Sanz 5,874

10- Lucas Bergamini - Victor Ruiz 5,739

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